4096 x 4096
PBR – Metal Smoothness (Unity URP/HDRP)


This set of models was originally created for the Halloween 2022 episode of the Actium Knights web show, but with the Battletech imagery removed to allow for sale on places like Sketchfab and the Unity Asset Store. Due to the removals, I added 3 more models to round out the count to an even 10 lantern variants.

The Pumpkin texturing was mostly an experiment in Substance Painter to see if I could create a believable procedural material from scratch without using or basing it off of an existent Smart Material. I do believe I succeeded in that! Both the outside rind and the inner flesh are both based off of procedural PBR materials, with little more in the way of pre-generated stuff than Grunge textures for detailing.

All 10 lantern variants are created using a boolean workflow in Blender for both easy creation of new variants and easy tweaks for existing ones.