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Steve Green

Game Designer, Systems Designer, Interesting Things Maker

Steve Green is a freelance software developer with a specialization in automation and game system optimization. He has nearly 20 years of development experience under his belt, and a penchant for creating flashy particle effects and following whatever path the latest “What If I….” thought has taken him on.

Taking up a career in software development, Steve got his start as a Compliance Tester for Xbox titles and applications. Moving on from there, after a short stint as a paid tutor for programming students, he landed a job testing enterprise-level server hardware and maintaining the testing suite and automation platform for multiple teams. Currently, he is searching for new experiences while also working on an initiative called Poetica Mechanica, under which a lot of his work is being sold.

His programming skills center around C++, C#, and Lua. Design-wise, he knows his way around Unity, Blender, Photoshop, and Substance Painter.

Steve tends to flit from project to project, working with and leveraging his ADHD as best he can in order to keep moving forward. You can catch him live on Twitch every Sunday at or around 1PM PST, either working on development stuff or playing odd games.

What I Do

  • Software Development
  • Programming (C#, C++, C, Java, Lua)
  • Game Design
  • Particle Effects
  • Modelwork
  • Texturework
  • Debug and Troubleshooting
  • Systems Administration
  • Version Control Administration


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