A hand-and-a-half sword with a stylized scabbard, a mid-length fuller, ricasso, and some enchanting runic engravings on the spine. Engravings come with optional Emission map for magic glow effects. Emission map is flat white so it can be tinted as needed without much effort.

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4096 x 4096
PBR – Metal Smoothness (Unity URP/HDRP)


This model was originally meant as the trial run for an Art-Along tutorial stream. However, due to life getting in the way, the stream was postponed, and I ended up doodling on the sword for a couple hours longer. Ultimately, I ended up really enjoying what I came up with and decided to make this my first attempt at getting a model on the various web stores. Links to those will be along once I get them approved.

Most of this model is only slightly based on any real sword, and is primarily a doodle rather than a truly accurate piece. Also, the engraving along the Fuller contains a silly little easter egg for those who have the Necro font.

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