January 25, 2024

VRChat Twitch Integration (For Worlds!), or VTI, is a pairing of VRChat assets and a Companion App that enables Twitch streamers and their viewers to interact with a World on VRC and trigger special effects and events. These can be anything from fireworks whenever someone subscribes, to jumpscares triggered by your chat, and even to message boards for Q&A panels!

The VTI Companion App will always be free to download, and the VRChat World Asset Bundle can be purchased at the links below!

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  • Ongoing
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VRChat Twitch Integration (For Worlds!), or VTI, aims to add more interactivity to VRChat Worlds for streamers and their viewers to play with. It will connect to your Twitch broadcast, generate chat commands, donation triggers, and even Channel Point rewards on the fly! Once a viewer triggers an event, the Companion will tell the VRChat side to queue it up and play within the world itself.

To get started, download the Companion App in the blurb above, run it, and click Connect to start connecting to Twitch and open up the VRChat connection. Then, once in the VTI-Capable VRChat World, find the VTI Control Panel and click the Connect button there to fully connect VRC to the Companion. Once everything lights up green, VTI will have automatically made all the event bindings it needs to for your chat to start playing along!

Additionally, if the World allows it, you may go into each “Target” on the Companion and rebind them to something completely different! This can allow you to personalize the stage to your audience by adjusting redeem costs and changing just what causes each event to cook off. Be sure to hit Save and Apply to keep your settings for next session!

Disclaimer: The VTI Companion App is not provided by, supported by, nor endorsed by the VRChat company and is a third-party application. Please do not report bugs with VTI to the VRC team. Instead, use the Companion’s built-in Send Feedback button.


Having troubles getting VTI to work? Visit the Troubleshooting Documentation page!

Still having issues? Let us know by using the VTI Companion App’s built-in User Feedback form under the Help menu!