March 19, 2020

GPong is a gamemode for Garry’s Mod that can be essentially thought of as Soccer With Guns. That is, if the ball was 3 meters wide, weighed 15 tons, and the players shot the ball to move it instead of kicking it. Also the ball can flatten you. The premise is simple: you have the Red Team and the Blue Team, and they’re trying to get the ball into the opposing team’s goal. They do this with an arsenal of weapons geared around blasting the ball away in various ways.

This project is still in the early stages of development. All assets and gameplay are subject to change.

  • Alpha
  • Ongoing

GPong is heavily inspired by and based off of a very old mod for Quake 2 called, fittingly, QPong. I absolutely loved this mod back in the day; it was fast-paced, great fun, had loads of good maps, and had a pair of really cheesy announcers cracking one-liners whenever someone got splattered by the ball. This mod is an attempt to bring a lot of those ideas and gameplay elements forward into the slightly-more-modern era (disregarding that Garry’s Mod came out in 2006…).

One of the major challenges of this mod is going to be replication. Source engine runs completely different than the id Tech 2 (Quake 2) engine, so 1:1 porting will not be possible. However, I am also not going to push for 1:1 replication either, as I don’t want this to just be a direct copy of someone else’s idea. Because of this, GPong is just the current Working Title of the mod, and may or may not change once I get this closer to release. Despite this, I vow to try to bring as much of the feel of QPong into this mod as best as I can.

Currently, this is a solo project. I have the project hosted on my friend Hobnob’s Gitlab server, but the code, particles, modeling, and materials are all being developed by me at the time of writing.