A very expensive fantasy alcohol, Dragon Water costs more than the lifetime earnings of 10 men. It is said to taste like extreme burning initially, but with a euphoric aftertaste. Very few of these bottles exist, and it takes longer than a human life to age properly. This model was made specifically for the story of a character made by Haven Kendrick, and is a prop that frequently pops up on a web show called Ascension Academy.

4096 x 4096
PBR – Metal Rough


This model was my first foray into Blender’s Sculpting features. I spent about 70 hours on this, though most of that time seems to have been learning how to properly “Retopo” the sculpts, and also burning about 6 of those hours on the first attempt at the tail that was just going nowhere.

The inspiration for this design mainly stems from the “Eye of the Dragon” Vodka, which was valued at $5.5 million. I skimped out on encrusting the entire skin of the “dragon” with jewels and instead went with a gold base with silver inlay. Also, I ended up with a much more western-styled dragon in the sculpting process instead of the eastern-style of the reference piece.

For a more complete rundown, see the dev log post: https://stevegreendesign.com/2020/07/28/assets-for-a-web-show/

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