March 28, 2023

The Actium Knights was a weekly web show set in the Battletech Universe, and revolved around the mercenary unit of the same name. As the show began, the unit came into possession of a derelict, 750 year old Dart-class warship. Rechristening the ship to The Actium, Commander Haven Kendrick lead his crew on a journey of action, adventure, hardship, intrigue, and comradery. All the while trying not to get killed by the rickety death trap of a ship, get killed while attempting to break even, or get killed by enemies old and new.

  • Completed

The Actium Knights ran from September of 2021 to October of 2022, and utilized the VRChat platform in order to tell its story. In this run time, I acted as the Development Lead for the crew (mainly in charge of event scripting and maintenance of the main “Ship” world) and played Lieutenant Craig Anderson, Head Mechtech for the ATK. The show takes place between the years 3063-3064 and spends most of its duration utilizing the planet New Vandenberg as a hub for jobs and funding. At its peak, we had a cast of greater than 65 attendees, and a crew of 12.

This show was run by Sprixer, Haven_Kendrick, Magic8BallSaysNo, and for the first quarter of the run, 404_SNF. Our main development crew consisted of myself, Kaderen, Esarai, Murdoch, Advocat, and Tanner King, with Phasedragon and Sentinel joining us during the 3-part Finale run to really kick it in the pants. This is not including the MULTITUDES of people who lent a hand DMing, writing modules, helping people with story, or playing supporting characters. Nor does it include the HUGE number of people who showed up to play parts and write their own characters. If I were to list everyone, I’d run out of room on this page!

Lastly, I am going to give a quick shout out to my friend Lanius for being an excellent photographer and getting the vast majority of the Hero Shots for the slideshow above.